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Aprea Mare Maestro 65 "Hanina"

From the historical, Sorrento-based boat yard founded in 1849, Apreamare announces a new range of vessels to compliment their prestigious handcrafted gozzo boats.

This new line of boats derives from the will of creating a product that continues to reflect the "classicism" of Apreamare brand, strongly linked to the maritime tradition.

The name “Maestro” sums up the ambitious will to look at the future without leaving the past; it wants to represent the synthesis between the “carpenter’s” culture (which forged the history of the boat in the times) and the “teaching shipwright’s” culture (which is mainly considered as a reference point). The distinguishing features of the hull and of the superstructure propose, in a modern version, themes and shapes belonging to the best marine tradition, using innovative materials, technologies and criteria.
Hanina is now looking for a new owner who will keep her in the same beautiful condition as she currently is.   mais....
Ano: 2008 Estaleiro: Apreamare
Dimensões: 19.60m x 5.70m x 1.20m Casco: GRP
Motor: 2x MAN D2840LE423 V10 809/1100 at 2300rpm Deslocamento: 40.000Kg
Preço: 600.000 EUR IVA Pago No. Ref.: SI171225
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