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Jongert 2000 MY "Raiatea"

RAIATEA is an unusual Jongert, with an unique design for an owner with exceptional requirements. Jongert`s brief was to design and build a motor yacht suitable for use on the German inland waterways and also capable of cruising offshore. These requirements were resolved by a design by Peter Sijm and the Jongert Design Team, which met all Jongert`s own criteria for safety, comfort and craftsmanship. Finely drawn lines give RAIATEA a modern, elegant appearance and a draught of only 1,50 metres permits sailing in shallow waters. The hull is fitted with stabilisers for a smooth passage at sea and the gantry carrying the radar and communication equipment can be lowered hydraulically to the level of the deckhouse roof, so that the yacht can pass under the lowest bridges of the waterways. In 2016, the ship was completely repainted above and below. The teak deck was sanded and resealed.
This beautiful Motoryacht with Jongert craftmanship is now looking for a distinguished new owner.   mais....
Ano: 1996 Estaleiro: Jongert, Netherlands
Dimensões: 19.03m x 6.20m x 1.50m Casco: Steel
Motor: 2 x MTU GR - 183 -AA62 2 x 220 / 162 Deslocamento: 59 Tons
Preço: 725.000 EUR IVA Pago No. Ref.: SI171122
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