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Expedition Motor Yacht "Fredrikstad"

Fredrikstad was named in honor of the citizens of Fredrikstad, Norway, who commissioned and paid for her as a rescue boat in 1968. During her 20 years in service she helped save 11 lives while performing more than 600 rescues. In 1988, the boat was decommissioned by the city and sold to a private individual from Oslo, who used it for salvage and exploration. In 1996, she was purchased by Peter de Savary, of America’s Cup fame, who stripped the boat to bare frames for a major restoration and refit that transformed Fredrikstad into the stunning yacht that she is today. Under the stewardship of her prior owner, Fredrikstad underwent many refinements including a refit at Pendennis in 2006. Fredrikstad was acquired by her current owner in 2009 who performed an additional refit, multiple upgrades until 2017 and provided this sturdy yacht with the best of care under his stewardship. (Details available upon request.)
Inspection highly recommended.   mais....
Ano: 1968 Estaleiro: Smedvik mek Verksted
Dimensões: 22.86m x 6.02m x 2.90m Casco: Steel
Motor: 2x Diesel, 8V71, Detroit Deslocamento: 100 Tons
Preço: 650.000 EUR IVA Não Pago No. Ref.: SI170265
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